After facing flak from CUET UG 2023 candidates, NTA to release ‘final provisional’ answer key

Multiple candidates appearing for CUET UG 2023 have taken to Twitter to express their concerns regarding errors in the provisional answer key. However, the National Testing Agency (NTA) has denied allegations of intentionally providing incorrect answers. The errors were noticed by candidates as they reviewed the answer key after its release on June 29.

CUET UG 2023

Samrendra Kumar, a Hindi professor at Delhi University, pointed out around 16 incorrect answers in the Hindi exam, including one of the simplest questions. Candidates also reported errors in the Political Science exam, with even basic questions having incorrect answers.

Vikas Kumar, another candidate who appeared for Hindi, English, Political Science, and General Test, highlighted the problematic nature of the Hindi answer key. He speculated that the answer key might have been released with technical glitches or as a means for the NTA to generate revenue.

Samrendra accused the NTA of exploiting parents and candidates through the answer keys, expressing concern over the financial burden placed on middle-class families. Several other candidates on Twitter echoed these complaints.

NTA Already Replaced Answer Keys with correct version:

However, the NTA refuted the allegations and stated that the erroneous answer keys have been replaced with corrected versions. The agency clarified that they had already replaced answer keys for certain subjects and shifts. The NTA acknowledged the possibility of errors given the large quantity of answer keys involved but assured candidates that they were promptly corrected.

In response to the claim of “looting,” the NTA mentioned that candidates who emailed objections instead of submitting them online were considered, and the corrected answer keys were provided to them without any charges. The NTA informed candidates via email about the revised answer keys.

The NTA plans to carefully review all objections raised by candidates and release another set of finalized provisional answer keys in due course.

CUET UG 2023

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