IIM Calcutta Accepting Applications for MBA Executives Programme

IIM Calcutta is presently in the process of receiving applications for its MBA Executives Programme (MBAEx), tailored for mid-career professionals aspiring to advance their careers. This comprehensive one-year residential program caters to individuals with a track record of over five years in the professional realm. It provides them with a platform to refine their current skill set and equip themselves for leadership and senior management roles in their respective industries.


The program doesn’t just focus on skill development but also equips participants to confront real-world challenges. Engaging in a variety of activities such as business case competitions, branding projects, and specialized career advancement clubs is an integral part of the experience.


The admissions process for the MBA Executives Programme comprises three rounds. Interviews for candidates shortlisted in the second round are slated for November 4-5, 2023. The third round of admissions began on October 13, 2023, and will conclude on November 23, 2023. The application submission deadline is also November 23, 2023. Shortlisted applicants will undergo interviews on December 9-10, 2023.


For comprehensive details and application procedures, interested individuals are encouraged to visit the official IIM Calcutta website.