NEET Topper Dhruv Advani’s Strategy and Tips for Aspirants

Dhruv Advani, NEET UG 2023 topper with an impressive score of 715 and AIR 5 rank, shares his journey and insights for aspiring NEET UG 2024 candidates.


**Exam Preparation Insights:**

After Class 10, Advani joined a two-year coaching course at Aakash Byju’s, relying on study materials and NCERT books. His strategy focused on conceptual clarity, guided by the coaching institute’s schedule.


**Balancing CBSE and NEET Prep:**

Advani found managing CBSE and NEET preparation simultaneously feasible due to shared fundamentals. Emphasizing concept clarity, he streamlined his dual preparation process.


**Addressing Syllabus Changes:**

Despite CBSE syllabus deletions, Advani devoted extra effort to ensure comprehensive coverage, proving beneficial in the end.


**Stress Management Tips:**

Acknowledging moments of nervousness, Advani destressed through activities like basketball, walks, reading, and movies.


**NEET UG 2024 Recommendations:**

– Embrace the journey; it’s long but worthwhile.

– Consistency is key to success.

– Identify personalized study methods.

– Stay calm, focused, and avoid panic.

– Tailor your approach to your unique needs.

– Reflect on decisions and prioritize mental health.

– Maintain confidence throughout the process.


**Challenges with NEET Question Paper:**

Advani found assertion and reasoning questions in chemistry confusing and ambiguous.


**Choosing AIIMS Delhi for Research:**

Driven by a passion for research, Advani selected AIIMS Delhi for its strong research culture. The institute’s holistic approach, combining theory and practical exposure, fostered a love for learning.


Explore NEET topper Dhruv Advani’s journey, study strategies, and valuable tips for NEET UG 2024 preparation.